Burnham Marketing workshops are designed to help organizations re-think their strategic approach to create a more socially responsible and values-based business infrastructure. Our workshops can be used to meet a variety of change management and strategic objectives. Workshop costs are projected based on our standard design, but will be finalized upon assessing your specific needs and objectives.

Awareness: Frameworks for Quantifiable Change and Impact

Progressive organizations are acutely aware of the significance innovation has on creating a sustainable business. However, many are unaware how to affect change and efficiently integrate innovation practices into the business strategy and workflow. It can also be extremely challenging to quantify return on impact investments, prioritize business activities, or understand how you are influencing behavioral change to achieve desired outcomes.

Our 4-hour Awareness seminar and workshop will provide the necessary foundation required to understand how to develop change strategies and create impact measurement frameworks.

  • Learn why people think and behave the way that they do and how you can affect change.
  • Understand how organizational social system dynamics influences business performance.
  • Design a measurement strategy to achieve long-term impact goals and quantify return.

Workshop Cost: $4,000 - $6,000

Discovery: Understanding Your Organizational Values System

Change starts from within. Systemic change results from collective action. Collective action results from common purpose, vision, and mission. All of which begins with shared values. In order for any change strategy to be effective, you must establish a culture that aligns the values of organizational actors and stakeholders. In many cases, business leaders are not aware of the misalignment of values that exist across the organization. This misalignment results in cultural entropy, which can cause significant resistance to change and have detrimental effects on business performance.

By dedicating a full day to our Discovery workshop, you will be provided with an assessment of your organizational values and identify priority points in order to reduce risk and increase performance.

  • Includes Awareness seminar and workshop, plus...
  • Receive a gap analysis and basic assessment of your organizational values system.
  • Identify why communication frictions exist and improve team collaboration.
  • Learn how to leverage brand values to align internal and external stakeholders.

Workshop Cost: $8,000 - $12,000

Transformation: Developing a Sustainable Brand Culture

We now live in a socially connected digital world. People can now share their brand experiences and opinions about companies while reaching hundreds of thousands (even millions) of people in the process. This also means that, collectively, stakeholders have far greater influence over one another's perception of a company or brand than any marketing and advertising could ever achieve. Additionally, people are spending with those companies who feel support their values and behave in a responsible way. Aligning values across all stakeholders has never been more essential for creating sustainable brands and businesses.

A brand's culture is determined by how well values are aligned across internal and external stakeholders. Aligning these values leads to more efficient communication, more positive experiences, stronger relationships, and a unified purpose. When it all comes together, it leads to stronger brand health, greater brand equity, positive social impact, and an increase in return on investment.

This two-day workshop will include everything from our Awareness and Discovery workshops as well equip your organization with the necessary tools, techniques, and processes to develop socially responsible and sustainable brands.

  • Includes Awareness seminar and workshop, Discovery workshop, plus...
  • Perform a values alignment assessment and analysis of organizational stakeholders.
  • Improve organizational design, communication, collaboration, and innovation.
  • Leverage your values and stakeholders to cultivate highly valuable customer relationships.
  • Learn how to apply human-centered design to your business strategy and activation plan.

Workshop Cost: $20,000 - $30,000

Identity: Uncovering the Purpose for Your Existence (ELECTIVE WORKSHOP)

It is one thing to have a good business idea. It's another to have a great business. So, what makes a great business? It's about having a purpose grounded in core values that align and satisfy the needs of those stakeholders you serve. And in order to establish a great business, you need to have a vision for the business and a mission that helps you get there. Before you design a business strategy and activation plan, you must first understand your purpose, identify your core values, and construct your vision and mission statements. This assures everyone has a foundation with which to build towards achieving your desired goals and outcomes. This is how you motivate collective action.

  • Perform a values alignment assessment and analysis of organizational stakeholders.
  • Establish the purpose for your business/brand/product and identify external stakeholder needs.
  • Identify internal and external values and establish a set of core brand values.
  • Construct vision and mission statements to provide the basis for your business strategy.
  • Learn how to apply human-centered design to your business strategy and activation plan.

Workshop Cost: $8,000 - $12,000

Custom: Executive Change Management Retreat (ELECTIVE WORKSHOP)

Not every business has the same needs or is at the same stage of development. Allow us to create a custom retreat designed to suit your specific business requirements. Contact us to discuss options and pricing.