Jason Burnham

Jason Burnham has been in the marketing and advertising industry since 1996. In 1998 Burnham co-founded Ad Age Top 25, digital marketing agency, Mass Transit Interactive, Inc., which he sold in 2005 to Horizon Media, Inc. Burnham has personally planned, managed, and executed over two thousand marketing programs and has been a strategic advisor to hundreds of B2B and B2C brands, agencies, and media and technology providers.

In 2006, Burnham moved on to start his firm, Burnham Marketing, LLC, which provides brand culture development through a human-centered design approach to stakeholder engagement, change strategy, and impact measurement. In 2010, Burnham Marketing, LLC entered into a joint venture to launch Telepathy, Inc., and introduced new methods for neurographic segmentation to the fields of qualitative research and persona development. In 2011, MindTime, Inc. acquired Telepathy, Inc. to form MindTime Technologies, Inc.

Since 2012, as part of Burnham's philanthropy initiatives, he has donated his time as a social innovation strategist and global leadership development advisor to the United Nations, as well as created new models to influence and measure social change and impact. In 2013, Burnham Marketing, LLC launched their social engineering practice to help organizations create a values-based business infrastructure by integrating CSR best practices into the marketing communications supply chain and work-flow. Burnham now only services organizations with a mission to be more socially responsible and who support the global sustainability agenda.

Burnham has been honored with B2B Magazine's "Best and Brightest Media Strategist" award and OMMA Magazine's "Media Planning and Buying Award". Burnham is a contributing writer for iMedia Connection and has held positions on the board of directors for the New York Interactive Ad Club, 212, client advisory board for Doubleclick, and the Association for Downloadable Media. Burnham is an International Neuroscience Management Education member, corporate trainer, and gives talks at leading industry conferences and events (i.e. Sustainable Brands, iMedia, DigiDay, OMMA, AdTech).