Dr. Joni Carley

Dr. Joni Carley is a thought leader in values-driven leadership who strengthens workplace cultures by helping leaders and their team members continually evolve toward personal, organizational and social greatest good. Because culture is a well-documented key to increasing profits, share prices, stakeholder loyalty, excellence, productivity, and innovation, Dr. Joni’s work starts with quantifying it. She customizes proven values-development technology to client specific cultural data in the form of coaching, consulting, and leadership and cultural development programming because statistics show that measures of success are congruent with values development in that higher levels of cultural alignment around values equate to increases in almost every metric of success.

That’s the science. There’s also an art. Cultures are living, breathing, ever-changing systems with hearts and souls that are more than the sum of their parts. Joni’s expertise in cultural development draws on a unique depth and breadth of experience - ranging from the jungle to the boardroom, universities to the United Nations, from meditating in monasteries to speaking from the podium, from the African Bush to Asian Temples, and from coaching and consulting with small business, corporate, and non-profit leaders for over 20 years. Dr. Joni’s values-driven, data-based approach addresses core issues for measurable results on 7 levels of leadership and organizational development.

While continually engaged with board positions and pro bono work for a range of progressive philanthropic foundations and NGO’s, Joni also delivers keynotes, seminars, classes and workshops that inform and inspire audiences with “uncommon wisdom, expansive insights, keen intellect, and an engaging style,” including: Transformation Programs for United Nations departmental leaders; Adjunct Professor at Drexel U. and Chestnut Hill College; Guest Lecturer at George Washington U.; Facilitator for Global Dialog and Global Vision Institutes.

She co-authored “Stepping Stones to Success, vol 1” with Deepak Chopra, Denis Waitley and Jack Canfield, holds a doctorate in The Reinvention of Work, and is a graduate of Coach U, a 3 year coaching program.