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The practice of brand culture design and development resides at the intersection of change management, organizational development, stakeholder engagement, corporate responsibility, marketing communications, and impact measurement.

Brand Culture and Development

People do not behave in silos and they do not rigidly experience brands, products, and services. These are just components of people's lives that satisfy specific needs, values, and desires. For this reason, how we understand, measure, and analyze people's brand perception and social behavior must also evolve.

Burnham Marketing's brand culture design and development practice resides at the core of business strategy and integrates across the organization within all quantitative and qualitative research, persona development, communication activities, and measurement programs. By applying a range of data-driven, human-centered design methodologies, we provide the necessary lens to help you better understand the psychological drivers of collective perception, social behavior, and the relationship dynamics of your brand actors and stakeholders.

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