“We are proud to be associated with Burnham Marketing. A more advanced thinking and deep understanding of the true issues involved when marketing to people would be hard to find anywhere. The practical and intelligent approach to achieving and exceeding clients' goals crafted by Burnham Marketing is reflected in the trust of their top notch clients.”
- John Furey, Founder & CEO, MindTime
“Burnham Marketing provided an extensive audit of our digital division and determined how we could improve our process and work flow for managing digital media. Their consultation provided us with the necessary direction to refine our digital operations to become more efficient and profitable.”
- Steve Farella, Chairman & CEO, TargetCast
“Burnham Marketing is a great solution to add experience, intelligence and creativity to any digital program. We used Burnham Marketing to act as our interactive agency, while they trained and developed our own in-house capability. Today we still use Burnham in a consulting capacity as our programs become more complex and challenging. We would recommend them strongly.”
- Bob Rose, Partner and Director of Media & Marketing, Seiter & Miller Advertising
“We have been working and collaborating with Burnham Marketing for several years. Their expertise and understanding of digital media measurement has assisted our company in refining our product offerings and to provide cutting edge analytics to our clients.”
- Jay Kuhlkarni, CEO, Theorem
“Burnham's full-day training session on interactive for our top executives was invaluable. Burnham distilled unmatched insight, practical knowledge and energy into one very powerful day. Our executives left the session educated, energized, and excited about applying what they learned. Who could ask for more?”
- Tom Cunniff, VP Director of Interactive Communication, Combe Incorporated
“These guys are firing on all digital cylinders. Ahead of the curve? These guys invent the curve.”
- Jon Paley, CEO, The Vault
“Burnham Marketing provided an excellent foundation in agency terminology and processes. Burnham led an interactive and methodical training session- covering title recognition, planning/buying process and appealing metrics to their clients. Burnham's interactive approach led to dialogue and brainstorming on best practices and tips for our whole team to consider when meeting with an agency. It was important for our sales team to understand what we do not have control over and identify those things we do have control over and focus on making them better. Since, our success rates have gone up and we have built many lasting relationships with agency folks.”
- John Roswech, President, Jingle Networks
“Burnham Marketing has provided the NextMark team with an in-depth understanding of digital media ranging from high-level strategy to deep in the weeds operations. They've been incredibly helpful in developing and refining our product roadmap. I rely on Jason and Michelle for their expert advice as we navigate the world of digital media. I look forward to our calls because they always bring a smile to my face with their friendly and positive approach.”
- Joe Pych, CEO, NextMark
“Burnham's keen understanding of today's media landscape has played a significant role in the success of many of our projects. They are the type of people who view situations from many different angles, and because of this, they consistently finds the best solutions for a client's needs.”
- Marc Schiller, CEO, Bond Strategy
“Burnham is certainly one of the most knowledgeable online media professionals in the industry. We've enjoyed nearly a decade of working together and look forward to many more.”
- Ron Fierman, President, Digital Pulp
“Burnham really gets media! I have really enjoyed working with them. Their work has been very smart, creative, and thorough.”
- Larry Schatz, Principal, Randolph Media Group
“Burnham has been an integral part of our team for several years. His industry expertise and ability to build the right strategic plan has allowed us to exceed our business goals and grow our digital presence substantially over the past 3 years. We can always rely on their team to do whatever is necessary to make us successful.”
- Greg Tomita, Senior Director, Align Technology
“I would highly recommend Burnham. They have been extraordinary to work with, both in terms of caliber of work and in a partner relationship. They have an excellent knowledge base and provides stellar work promptly that delivers results.”
- Adam Berkowitz, CEO, ID Society
“Thirty seconds into our first meeting, we understood that Burnham was the true definition of an expert in the field. We put their knowledge to the test for some very sharp and scrutinizing clients who demanded tangible results. They not only educated us all on emerging media channels, but were able to substantiate their recommendations. We will definitely continue working with them.”
- Matt Steinwald, Account Director, DCODE
“Burnham helped us develop a varied and robust digital media strategy. We relied on their broad industry knowledge and insights to inform our strategic direction online.”
- Theresa Bowerman, Director of Internet Marketing, The Financial Times
“We worked with Burnham on multiple online ad campaigns. Their understanding and knowledge of the industry was invaluable. They were right on target from the suggested sites we should place our ads on, to helping us understand what the final results of the campaign really meant.”
- Lori Keith, Internet Marketing Consultant, Mannington Mills
“Jason is that rare individual in our business who not only embraces excellence but also generosity. He is committed to making our entire industry better and consistently extends himself, his company and his talent in helping others achieve their potential as well. Our relationship with Jason and Burnham Marketing has been nothing but positive. He makes us better.”
- Doug Weaver, CEO, Upstream Group