What We Do

We help good brands be better by creating a values-based business infrastructure, aligning brand stakeholder values, and integrating innovation and CSR best practices into the communications supply chain and workflow.

Burnham Brand Wheel

A social system is a group of people that can influence one another's perception and behavior as a result of sharing ideas, information, and knowledge via interconnected communication channels. A brand's social system consists of all stakeholders that can directly impact a brand's image, positioning, reputation, revenue, and equity. A brand's culture is defined by the behavioral output of the social system. That output is influenced by how stakeholders perceive a brand, how they interact with a brand, as well as how they communicate their experiences with a brand.

Social systems are highly complex, adaptive states of collective perception. Burnham Marketing identifies emergent patterns of thought to provide unique insight into influencing collective perception in order to shift behavior of stakeholders to achieve brand impact goals and desired outcomes. By mapping the governing dynamics of the social system, we determine how best to monitor and influence changes within it.

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