How We Do It

We take a human-centered design approach to stakeholder engagement, change strategies, and impact measurement to create an empathetic and sustainable brand culture that satisfies people's innate needs, values, learning style, and relationship building requirements.

Burnham Relationship Funnel

In our highly fragmented, yet socially connected digital world, it is becoming increasingly more important to connect with people based on their emotions, values, needs, cognitive resistances, interests, heritage, and communication preferences. Deep knowledge of the psychology of your stakeholders is required to build empathetic brand cultures. The more effectively you can engage people in this way, the greater opportunity there is to influence, predict, and support the output of a social system's collective behavior. This approach to stakeholder engagement can evolve culture in an empathetic and systemic way through intentional design.

Our comprehensive approach to social engineering provides precise intersections of influence on the behavior of the social system. Social engineering directs the behavioral outcomes of the system by measuring communication flow and by studying stakeholder interactions and relationships to predict how the system will evolve, as a means to transform culture.

Our Process